Sukriti is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘good creations’. Staying true to our name, we want to spread a million smiles by providing sustainable engineering solutions for some of the major issues faced by our society.


India has shown strong economic growth in the past few decades, with accelerated growth across agriculture, industry, and services. However, this growth has come at a cost – a deteriorating environment and an increasing scarcity of resources. The 2018 Environmental Performance Index, which ranked 180 countries on environmental health and ecosystem vitality, saw India at 177th position. Over the past decade, the number of deaths due to particulate matter pollution have risen to 1.6 million. Poor sanitation facilities cost India $54 billion every year. And 80% of untreated sewage in India flows directly to its rivers. Yet, amidst all this, India also presents a massive opportunity in disguise. India’s rural-to-urban transition is turning out to be one of the fastest in human history, and how this transition takes place could change the course of humanity’s future. It follows then, that one of the greatest challenges facing India is decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation. And the key to solving this challenge lies in smart engineering solutions.

When we graduated from IIT Roorkee, we realized that post-graduation, a lot of students ended up working in non-engineering sectors. To be honest, we could have been tempted to do the same. But when we saw the magnitude of the challenge before us, and the need the country has for ambitious engineers who want to ‘change the world’ in every sense of the phrase, we knew what we wanted. We wanted to bring together a team of highly passionate engineers who would work on solving some of the most daunting developmental challenges in the country. Thus, Sukriti was born.

We started our work in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector by developing eco-toilets to transform India’s sanitation scenario. Now, we are venturing into treatment of water in the country’s lakes and rivers.


For a startup to become a Unicorn, it needs lot of right ingredients. More than anything else, it needs group of experts, carrying multitude of experience, willing to work as tirelessly as the team itself. We are lucky to have ours!

Dr. Pramod Agarwal

Prof Department of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Roorkee

Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Prof Department of Environment Engineering,
IIT Roorkee

Dr. Devendra Saroj

Senior Lecturer,
University of Surrey, UK

Ms. Ariella Bernstein

Chief of Staff at Jerusalem Foundation

Mr. Nadav Avidan

Most prominent Branding, Story Telling
and PR voices in Israel

Mr. Nishith Acharya

Ex Director Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
US Department of Commerce